The patient is in pain, but which discs are the cause?


NOCISCAN – The first, evidence-supported, SaaS platform to leverage MR Spectroscopy to noninvasively help physicians distinguish between painful and nonpainful discs in the spine.


Complete the
diagnostic picture

Conventional imaging (lumbar MRI) for Chronic Low Back Pain offers important structural information but struggles to identify the actual source of pain.

NOCISCAN complements lumbar MRI with critical pain biomarker data.

  • Noninvasive MRS scan done in conventional MRI
  • Disc pain information without painful, subjective provocative discography

Know the source of the pain

  • Objective analysis of pain biomarkers, individualized to each patient
  • Clear, easy-to-intepret NOCI+/NOCI- scores for each disc- see where the pain is today and highlight discs to watch in the future
  • When used with other diagnostic tools, NOCISCAN provides critical insights into the source of the patient’s low back pain
Doctor consulting patient about the Aclarion Report

Clarity to optimize treatment decisions

When used with other available data, NOCISCAN helps physicians personalize each treatment and surgical plan with individualized NOCI+ / NOCI- scores and pain biomarker data.

Supports Physicians Who Aim
to Improve Clinical Outcomes



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