Aclarion Expands Commercial Engagement with The London Clinic to Grow Access to Nociscan throughout Greater London

Established in 1932, the London Clinic is the UK’s most renowned independent, private hospital.

Payment to Aclarion for each Nociscan is being increased from the original contract.

Contract extension aligns Aclarion and The London Clinic with engaging payers to increase access to Nociscan for both patients and referring physicians.


Broomfield, CO – Aclarion, Inc., (“Aclarion” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: ACON, ACONW), a healthcare technology company that is leveraging biomarkers and proprietary augmented intelligence algorithms to help physicians identify the location of chronic low back pain, announced today they are extending their commercial agreement with the prestigious London Clinic in London, UK. The contract extension establishes a higher price point for Nociscan, engages The London Clinic to secure payer coverage decisions from leading private health insurers, and aligns Aclarion with The London Clinic in expanding access to referring physicians throughout the greater London market.

“Aclarion uses MR spectroscopy to analyze the physiological status of lumbar intervertebral discs. Being able to quantify the chemical biomarkers content of discs in chronic low back pain patients adds an entirely new dimension of clinically relevant information that anatomical imaging alone simply can’t provide,” said Dr. Simon Blease, Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist. “Having progressed through a careful integration of Nociscan into patient care pathways, we have found compelling results in over 20 patients so far. We are convinced this will be a game changer for how we will evaluate and plan treatment for this common and distressing clinical condition.”

The initial contract with The London Clinic was aimed at allowing The London Clinic physicians to evaluate the clinical value of Nociscan in treating their chronic low back pain patients. After utilizing Nociscan in just 20 patients, the physicians saw enough value to support a contract extension aimed at increasing access to Nociscan for patients. Increased access is being pursued through outreach to referring physicians, increasing the reimbursement to Aclarion, and approaching the payer community to secure private insurance coverage for Nociscan.


“The UK is an important global market, and London specifically represents the large, dynamic nature of sophisticated healthcare,” said Brent Ness, Chief Executive Officer at Aclarion.  “We are pleased to extend our relationship with The London Clinic as the Nociscan hub throughout greater London, a market with over nine million residents. The London Clinic and their referring physicians have become exemplary partners delivering world-class spine care while serving as validation of our process to drive Nociscan to standard of care. We started with an initial evaluation contract for physicians to become familiar with the unprecedented biomarker data Nociscan provides and how to apply that data for surgical decisioning. After only 20 patients The London Clinic took the initiative in extending the contract by increasing the payment rate for Nociscan, advocating with payers for coverage, and working with Aclarion to expand access to referring physicians. This is the exact process we are pursuing with our KOLs across the U.S. at similarly prestigious institutions and we believe we will achieve similar results.”

Chronic low back pain (cLBP) is a global healthcare problem with approximately 266 million people worldwide suffering from degenerative spine disease and low back pain. Low back pain has been estimated to affect up to one third of the UK adult population each year.


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About Aclarion, Inc.

Aclarion is a healthcare technology company that leverages Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (“MRS”), proprietary signal processing techniques, biomarkers, and augmented intelligence algorithms to optimize clinical treatments. The Company is first addressing the chronic low back pain market with Nociscan, the first, evidence-supported, SaaS platform to noninvasively help physicians distinguish between painful and nonpainful discs in the lumbar spine. Through a cloud connection, Nociscan receives magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) data from an MRI machine for each lumbar disc being evaluated. In the cloud, proprietary signal processing techniques extract and quantify chemical biomarkers demonstrated to be associated with disc pain. Biomarker data is entered into proprietary algorithms to indicate if a disc may be a source of pain. When used with other diagnostic tools, Nociscan provides critical insights into the location of a patient’s low back pain, giving physicians clarity to optimize treatment strategies.  For more information, please visit


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The information stated above was prepared by Aclarion and reflects solely the opinion of Aclarion. Nothing in this statement shall be construed to imply any support or endorsement of Aclarion or any of its products by The London Clinic. Mr. Blease is a shareholder in Aclarion.


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