Aclarion to Present 2-year Follow-up Data Linking Nociscan to Better Surgical Outcomes

Superior Clinical Outcomes for NociscanTM Proving to be Durable at Two Years

Two Year Results and the Schedule of Future Clinical Trials to be Outlined at the Annual State of Spine Surgery Think Tank 2022

Aclarion, Inc. (“Aclarion” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: ACON, ACONW), a healthcare technology company that is leveraging biomarkers and proprietary algorithms to identify the location of chronic low back pain, announced today that the Company will be participating in the 17th Annual State of Spine Surgery Think Tank in Los Cabos, Mexico, June 22-25, 2022, where it will be presenting 2-year follow up data on its pivotal clinical trial published in the European Spine Journal in 2019. The company will also outline its schedule for release of an economic analysis report and initiation of future clinical studies aimed at establishing Nociscan as a standard of care for chronic low back pain.

Nociscan is the first evidence-supported SaaS platform to noninvasively help physicians distinguish between painful and nonpainful discs in the lumbar spine. The technology leverages magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) and proprietary algorithms to identify and analyze chemical biomarkers in the discs demonstrated to be associated with pain. When used with other diagnostic tools, the Aclarion solution provides critical insights into the location of the patient’s lower back pain, giving physicians clarity to optimize treatment strategies.

On Friday, June 24th, Nociscan will be showcased in a presentation titled, “Aclarion: Resolving the Discogenic Low Back Pain Dilemma,” to be presented by Robert Eastlack, MD, Division Head, Spine Surgery, Scripps Clinic Medical Group. “I was introduced to Aclarion’s pioneering innovation several years ago,” stated Dr. Eastlack. “Nociscan objectively measures pathological disc pain in a noninvasive manner, which addresses one of the biggest problems in our industry. Aclarion’s solution provides me with never-before-available, critical information that helps me better diagnose and treat my chronic low back pain patients.”

In a paper published in the European Spine Journal in 2019, 97% of patients who had surgical intervention for chronic discogenic low back pain met the criteria for significant clinical improvement at one year follow up if all the discs identified as painful by Nociscan were included in the patient’s surgical treatment. This compared to only 54% of patients meeting the criteria for success when a painful disc identified by Nociscan was excluded from treatment or a nonpainful disc was included in treatment. After two years of follow up, these results are proving to be durable with 87% of patients who had surgery at all discs identified as painful by Nociscan continuing to show significant clinical improvement.

“The durability of the treatment response highlights the potential of Nociscan to improve outcomes while significantly lowering the cost of care. We will be building on these results by engaging an economic analysis team at a prominent academic institution to quantify the cost savings expected to result from the improvement in clinical outcomes we are now showing to be durable,” said Brent Ness, the CEO of Aclarion. “We expect initial results of the EVAL analysis to be released in Q4 of this year.”

As part of the presentation, Dr. Eastlack will also outline the schedule of clinical trials Aclarion will be initiating this year to build upon the existing body of evidence supporting the efficacy of Nociscan.

Ryan Bond, Chief Strategy Officer of Aclarion, added, “Our mantra is to lead with overwhelming clinical evidence. We believe this two-year follow up data is a compelling first step that we will build upon through a comprehensive clinical strategy that includes the initiation of CLARITY, a definitive prospective randomized control trial we will initiate in Q3 of this year.”

Aclarion is using recent IPO funding to focus on securing favorable coverage decisions from payers. This includes utilizing existing peer-reviewed publications and clinical results to pursue immediate coverage decisions for Nociscan, a non-invasive and objective diagnostic, as an alternative to discogram, an invasive procedure that is painful by design. The Company is already engaging payers for these coverage decisions and will report on favorable results as they develop. In addition, the Company is pursuing an aggressive clinical strategy to become standard of care for the treatment of low back pain. This clinical strategy includes not only CLARITY, but additional clinical studies called BACPAC BEST and BOND. The Company will report on the initiation of each of these studies as they launch in 2022.

About Aclarion, Inc.

Aclarion is a healthcare technology company that leverages Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (“MRS”), proprietary biomarkers and algorithms to optimize clinical treatments. Aclarion’s technology addresses the $134.5B U.S. low back and neck pain market. The Company is currently utilizing Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) to assist in quality control processes that flag spectroscopy data indicative of a poor MRS study. The Company is also researching the application of AI and machine learning platforms to analyze both the raw spectroscopy data and the post-processed signal to evaluate whether AI platforms can more efficiently and more effectively associate MRS data with clinical outcomes.

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